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Statistics show that a clean and well presented home, not only sells faster, but it also sells for top dollar. Tri-Valley Carpet Care works with realtors throughout the Eastbay to ensure that their listings are ready to show. We understand that time and timing can be crucial to your clients and to the sale of the home.

We have set-up a deferred payment process that is simple and easy. Getting ready to show multiple listing can be costly. Especially, when your listing doesn't sell in the first 30 days, and the payment is due on your credit card. All you have to do give us a call, and set the stage for the next big sale. It couldn't be easier. No out of pocket expense, and we will do all the work!!!

How it works

Defer all billing 60 days from service date, or close of escrow, which ever comes first.

We will invoice the seller and escrow company.

We will clean, treat, and sanitize all carpeting throughout the home.                                                                                                        

Statement of work

It's simple, give us a call or email us, so that we can discuss terms and conditions of our program. We will then send you our SOW that will need to be signed and returned. The SOW will be filed and used for every service that is's one and done. At this point, all we need from you is.....where and when. It's that easy.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to excellence is defined by your trust. We understand the importance of relationships to your business. We pride ourselves on the work that we do. There are many carpet cleaners that will do a quick and superficial cleaning leaving your new home owners to deal with the mess. You can trust Tri-Valley Carpet Care to do a thorough job, so that the home owners can enjoy their new home. You have worked to hard  for your reputation, don't muddy it by hiring the wrong carpet cleaners.