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Your carpeting embodies a soft, quiet comfort that adds style and warmth to your home. Carpeting today can last up to 20 years or longer if properly maintened. Tri-Valley Carpet Care would like the opportunity to become part of your annual maintenance program to ensure years of enjoyment. Tri-Valley Carpet Care offers a many different methods of carpet cleaning within its services.

In order to select the proper cleaning method, rinse, and pre-spray. We pre-inspect the following items to determine what is right for your carpet: soiling condition, carpet fiber, odor, or manufacturers recommended instructions based on carpet warranty information.

Regardless of the recommended method of cleaning, at Tri-Valley Carpet Care you can be assured that your carpets are being cleaned by a trained and certified technician who is using family and pet safe cleaning products.

Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction is the preferred deep cleaning method by most carpet manufactures, and can be used on almost all types of fibers. With the exception of jute, sisal, and leather hides. Fibers do need to be identified prior to cleaning. For example, wool carpeting is a protein fiber and is required to be treated with wool safe products that have low alkalinity levels. If not treated with a low PH pre-conditioner and rinse, the cuticle of the fiber will be damaged causing the wool to yellow and felt. Wool is also super absorbent, and requires low moisture cleaning for faster dry times.

  • A certified technician will select the correct pre-spray to suspend the soil within your carpeting. Pre-spray selection is based on fiber type, soiling conditions, and odor
  • Hot water extraction method injects a pressurized rinse into the carpet pile. The soil is then immediately extracted removing excess moisture using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum system. Our truck-mount steam heats the water up to 240 degrees. This will kill and remove any harm bacteria, germs, allergens, dust mite, and dander in your carpeting.


This cleaning method uses polymers that will form crystals either on the fiber, soil, or both. It uses low moisture and is agitated into the fiber. The crystals that form around the soil are naked to the eye and will make the soiling virtually disappear. It is left to dry and is extracted with a regular vacuuming.

This method is not a deep cleaning method, but can be highly effective process in the right environment or with the right fiber type.

Dry Absorbent Compound

This process uses a moist (not wet) compound that resembles saw dust. The compound has both absorbent and adsorbent qualities. The compound is distributed evenly throughout the carpet, then agitated into the carpet or fiber. The compound absorbs the soil while leaving the carpet or fiber dry. The compound is then collected and vacuumed.

This method is the only way to clean sisal, sea grass, abaca, and jute carpeting or area rugs. It can also be used in commercial carpeting that is being used 24 hours a day because there is no moisture being used.

Carpet Protection

A great way to keep the carpet cleaner for longer, is to have it treated with carpet protection. All carpet when manufactured has a protective coating applied. Eventually this wears away and it's left with no repellent. As your carpet starts to age, you lose protection due to the break down of the repellent. We recommend to have carpet protection reapplied after having your carpets professionally cleaned. It will repel wet and dry soils. We apply this through a pressurized water line after the cleaning is completely finished. This is charged per area, at $15.00 per area. This is not an all-or-nothing service. You can have it applied in one room, or all rooms.

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