My name is Nick Magic, and I am the owner of Tri-Valley Carpet Care. I started this company, so that people would have a honest choice in carpet cleaning. Our commitment to our clients is simple:

  • No up-sell and we will provide a "Service Quote" in writing.
  • We take a little more time, but get the desired results you deserve.
  • We use the suggested manufacturers recommendations with all our products

I have read so many discouraging reviews regarding how clients are mistreated in this industry. If you have experienced any of the below...give us a call.

  • Quoted one price and paying double or even triple the price...the up-sell.
  • Technicians spending very little time with you or on your service. They are in and out within an hour...the numbers game.
  • Not using the appropriate cleaning products or using any products at all.





    Many of my clients have pets that they love. We showcase all our clients pets on our website, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus to show that they have supported a great cause like the ASPCA. To see or follow your loving pets please click on any of the following links. If you would like your pet to be among those that have helped the ASPCA. Please give us a call.

    I would like you to meet Max and Gracie our brand ambassadors.. They are two of several animals that made it into our lives over the years. We have always loved all our pets and wish that all animals could have a happy and loving home. To see more of Max and Gracie's friends that have helped the ASPCA and a animal in need click on their pic. They have truly inspired us.

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    (925) 944-7123

    We all love our pets, so I am please to announce that Tri-Valley Carpet Care is now a Business Ambassador for the ASPCA. Tri-Valley Carpet Care is proud to support the ASPCA® and it's mission to save lives. To learn more, visit:


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    Our commitment to excellence is defined by your trust. I have brought a life time of experience in customer service and training to my company. I know and understand the importance of building a relationship with new and existing clients. The most important aspect of any relationship is trust.

    You want to be able to trust some one to come into your home. You want to trust some one to be honest, fair, and to do a good job. We will earn that trust by creating a relationship that will last a life time. Give us a call, so that we can earn your trust.